Does Money Matter?

Does Money Matter?

Luke 12:16-21, 27-28, 31-34, 42-44, 48b

Life Question: Is there anything wrong with having things?


From an Internet poll of 8,605 votes, what’s your favorite gift to get?
80% --- Money or gift card
15% --- Clothing
3% --- Anything handmade
2% --- A charitable donation in your name
(Teen People magazine, December 2005/January 2006)

How do we reflect our priorities in the things we want?

How can wanting things get in the way of following Christ?

Luke 12:16-21

Jesus cautioned against the belief that material possessions last forever.


Jesus was not condemning planning. He was referring to the kind of arrogance that lives life without regard for the next. The man in this story presumed that he would live long enough to enjoy the bigger barns. Jesus asked who would enjoy all his wealth when his soul would be required of him that very night. We have no promise of how long we live. It really doesn’t matter how long that is in comparison to eternity. We are to be rich toward God.


  1. What does it mean to be rich toward God?
  2. Would you consider yourself rich?
  3. Would you consider yourself rich toward God?
  4. Which (rich or rich toward God) is most important to you?

Luke 12:27-28

Jesus reminded the disciples that God would care for their needs; they needed to trust God for His provision.


God was saying that if He takes care of the flowers, He would surely take care of His children. Aren’t we much more important to God than the flowers & grass which are here today and gone tomorrow? We must depend on God and His grace for our living, not what on we can do in our own power. Take the farmer; he is aware that his living depends on God’s grace. He can plan, plant, and work the fields, but if it doesn’t rain, he will not harvest a crop. A surprise freeze or sudden hailstorm can cause disaster. We must trust God and His grace to meet our needs.


Luke 12:31-34

Jesus encouraged His disciples to put God’s kingdom first and then trust God to provide for what they needed.


Sometimes we have a difficult time prioritizing God’s kingdom because so many other things compete for our attention.


Jesus moved from illustrations to instructions in these verses. The disciples had already left their livelihoods to follow Jesus, but they needed to be reminded to seek His kingdom and trust Him to meet their needs. He told the disciples to invest in heavenly treasures. What people treasure reveals what’s in their heart.


Take the following quiz!

How many hours a week do you average doing the following:

Working - School

Recreational Activities

Watching TV

Worship – Reading your Bible – Praying – Attending church





According to how you spend your time, where is your treasure?

We need to seek first the kingdom and let Jesus be the treasure of our hearts.


Luke 12:42-44, 48

Jesus emphasized that people will be held accountable for what God had entrusted to them.


We often feel that what we make is ours to use as we please.


Jesus told another parable to demonstrate that material possessions test a person’s commitment to Christ. The man owned the whole household but he looked for one who would faithfully use his resources to better his household.


Think about the things that God has provided in your life:





Spiritual Gifts


Good Health




The Master gifted you with these things, now they are a test of your personal commitment to His household. How are you using those provisions to build His kingdom? Are you hiding them? Are you misusing them? Are you sharing them with others?  Are you using them to help others?


We should make lifestyle choices based upon the fact that we are accountable to God for how we use what He has provided to us.


Remember :

Wealth Doesn’t Last

Wealth Depends Upon God’s Grace

Wealth Is Not as Significant as God’s Kingdom

Wealth Tests Our Commitment to Follow Christ