How do my actions affect my relationship with God?

Focal Passage: 2 Samuel 22:20-39

Life Question: How do my actions affect my relationship with God?

Biblical Truth: Obedience to God results in life and blessing.


Why does God bless His children? Is it because of His nature or because of how we respond to Him? David says in 2 Samuel the answer is yes to both! He said the Lord delivered Him because He (God) delighted in him. The very nature of God is to love, care for, and protect His children. God’s love and goodness is not conditional or dependent on our behavior. However, David understood as we do that God rewards a righteous life. As we obey God we enjoy the blessings that come from obedience; just like earthly children enjoy the blessings of obeying their earthly parents.


God was David’s light in the darkness. With God, David said he could attack a barrier, and leap over a wall. It reminds me of the saying, he can leap tall buildings. God’s way is perfect and the word of the Lord is pure. In David’s time, cities were fortified with walls for protection from the enemy. If God could deliver David from the hand of Saul, help his children break through barriers and give them victory over their enemies, He can do the same for us today.


2 Samuel 22:31 says God’s way is perfect. If we believe that, why do we resist?


As children of God, we will not be exempt from life’s struggles, but how we manage them and react to them should show the world that we trust the Lord.


When life’s struggles come, is your walk real?