No Big Deal?

LIFE QUESTION:  What’s wrong with lying?
BIBLICAL TRUTH:  God expects your life to be marked by honesty and integrity. We are to live as people of truthfulness and integrity.
BIBLE PASSAGES:  Proverbs 12:17-22; Zechariah 8:14-17
KEY VERSE: Proverbs 12:22
What do most teenagers lie about?
What do you think most adults lie about?
How do you think God feels when you tell a lie?


What types of words pierce like a sword? 
Why do you think God hates lying?
According to these verses, what are the consequences of dishonest speech?
What are the benefits to truthfulness?
There are many benefits to living truthful lives. Developing a reputation of honesty and integrity is a benefit with many blessings. However, the consequences of lying can be lifelong and painful. God sees no difference between a little white lie and a huge lie. They are all detestable to Him.
God requires that we live lives of honesty. Through our honest living we will be blessed.
What were the four commands that God gave?
Why is it important to speak truth to one another?
What are some far-reaching effects lying can have on people?
 How does lying make you feel?
Gossip, fibs, little white lies, fudging the truth...lets face it, God hates it all!
In what situations do you find it the most difficult to tell the truth?
It is not always easy to be truthful, but it is always right.