What's Purity Worth?

This month our theme has been: Things That Really Matter

Work – Keep it in perspective

Wealth – Keep it in perspective

Human Life – God gives it, so value it

Character – It’s who you really are and it comes from the heart.


And this Sunday was: Sexual Purity


What’s Purity Worth?

Gen. 2:18, 21-25, Proverbs 5, Romans 13:11-14

How can Christians resist the pressure to become sexually active before marriage?


Let’s look at why God created man and woman.


Gen. 2:18, 21-25

The only thing God created that He said was not good was for man to be alone, so He created a helper for Adam. The Lord brought her to man – in a sense conducting the first wedding ceremony. She was the Lord’s gift to man.


The Bible says that man is to leave father and mother and cleave to (bond with) his wife. Among the Hebrews, it was typical for the sons to live with or near their parents after the marriage.


The primary relationship before marriage is with parents, but after marriage it is with one’s spouse. The Hebrew term for bond means “to cling, to join together”. It means making a commitment to hold on to no matter what, allowing nothing and no one to come between.


The two shall become one flesh includes the sexual intimacy of marriage but it also means more than that. Paul states in Eph. 5:28 – 29 being one flesh means spouses are committed to care as much for each other as themselves. God’s gift of sexual pleasure is to enhance and enrich the bond between husband and wife as well as procreation.

He says be fruitful and multiply.


Adam and Eve’s relationship was to be physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual; completing one another.

Proverbs 5

The first part of the chapter is about relationships outside of God’s boundaries.

The second part is about relationships within God’s boundaries.


We have rules in place not to harm us but to protect us; ex. Don’t touch the stove when it’s hot; it will burn you.


It is the same with God and His rules. God says stay within my boundaries and you can enjoy all I’ve given you to enjoy. Touch the things outside my boundaries and you will get burned.



Romans 13:11-14

Paul was reminding the Romans that their salvation was nearer than they first believed. He was talking about the return of Christ. Paul lived each day in the light of Christ’s return. Be ready to meet God by putting on the armor of light – time to put away darkness and put on the armor of light. He even tells some ways to do that.


Walk (way of life) with decency– as in the daylight

Make your nightlife the way you would want it in the daylight when all can see.


·        Not carousing and drunkenness

·        Not in sexual impurity and promiscuity

·        Not in quarreling and jealousy


Put on the Lord Jesus Christ – make no plans to satisfy the fleshly desires.


I read about a wedding that had the bride and her attendants at the front of the church and they were waiting for the groom to come from the back to meet her. Kind of like the 10 virgin women in the Bible who were supposed to keep the oil in their lamps ready for when the Groom came to get them. (5 did, 5 didn’t)


You may be single now, but if you are a Christian, you are the Bride of Christ. The Church is His bride. He is coming back one day to claim His bride. How will He find us?


Will we be ready? Will we be pure?


The one thing I hope you will remember from this month’s lessons is: to be a person of Godly character – we must guard our heart!!!! For out of the heart come the issues of life!!!! (last week’s lesson).


Are you committed to do all you can to enjoy the pleasures that God has planned for you. Don’t give away the most sacred thing you have to someone who is not your help meet.


What if it’s too late? It’s never too late to start over with a commitment that you will wait for the marriage commitment to your spouse and to God before giving yourself away again.


Guard your heart by guarding your eyes, ears, hands, feet.


Not putting yourself in compromising situations is a good start in guarding your heart.