What Can God Do?

 What Can God Do?

Life Question: What Can God Do Through Me?

Focal Passage: Ephesians 3:7-21

Biblical Truth: God calls and empowers us to serve Him as the body of Christ


Paul recognized that spiritual empowerment only comes from God. We discussed the difference between trying to serve the Lord in our own strength and serving the Lord through His power. Paul had a passion to share the good news of Jesus Christ everywhere He went. Do we have that same passion?


Ephesians 3:10-13 tells us: God's purpose was to show his wisdom in all its rich variety to all the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms. They will see this when Jews and Gentiles are joined together in his church. This was his plan from all eternity, and it has now been carried out through Christ Jesus our Lord. Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come fearlessly into God's presence, assured of his glad welcome. (New Living Translation)


We discussed situations that could require boldness, to be fearless and why could we come boldly into God's presence. It is because of our faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.


One situation that requires boldness and fearlessness is sharing about Jesus. We discussed how we could become bolder in our witnessing.


In verses 14-21, Paul had four prayer requests: inner spiritual strength, deep faith, abundant love, and God's fullness. We took time to reflect on which of these four requests we would want more of in our lives.


Our assignment for the week was to send an email or card to someone who has demonstrated the power of God in their lives to let them know that we are praying for them. Everyone needs a word of encouragement. Pass along the kindness as a way of showing Jesus to the world.


God can do anything; but what will we allow Him to do through us?