What Can I Do?

What Can I Do?
Focal Passage: Ephesians 4:1-16
Life Question: What can I possibly do to serve God?
Biblical Truth: Spiritual gifts equip us to serve with other Christians to build up the body of Christ.

What did Paul mean by walking "worthy of the calling you have received"? We have been called unto salvation and we are to walk (live) like Jesus did. Walk in a manner worthy to be Christian (Christlike).

We discussed some of the gifts found in verses 1 - 6; humility, gentleness, patience, peacefulness, and preserving unity. Using these gifts will help us walk worthy of our calling; to be like Jesus. On the other hand, not exercising these gifts hinders us from reaching an unholy world.
We talked about how Paul compared the church to a body and how when a seemingly insignificant part of our body is not working right or hurting, it affects the whole body and so it is in the body of Christ. We are to work together and do our part or the whole body suffers.

As a part of the body of Christ, we each have spiritual gifts and we are to use those gifts to work for the Lord. It is important to discover your spiritual gift/s while you are young and begin using them for the Lord to build up the church and to reach the lost.

Spiritual gifts survey were given out to help discover your gifts.

Some things to think about:
God wants us to take action and be holy in the real world.

How do people see Jesus reflected through your daily life?

What is your greatest weakness when it comes to living like Christ?

What can you do to serve God this week?