What does the resurrection tell me about Jesus?

Focal Passage: Luke 24:5b-12,36-49
Life Question: What does the resurrection tell me about Jesus?
Biblical Truth: Jesus completed God’s redemptive plan for humanity in His bodily
resurrection from the dead.
How do you know things like the wind, foreign countries, and diseases exist?
You or someone you know has experienced them.
How do you know that Jesus exists? Better yet, how do you prove that Jesus is alive? We have experienced Him. We feel His presence and we receive His grace.
• What biblical evidence is there of Jesus’ resurrection?
• What did the resurrection signify?
• Why is the resurrection significant to us?
Luke 24:4-12
• Imagine going to the tomb of one of your closest friends and seeing that the tomb
had been opened. What emotions would you feel?
The women were grieving. They had been to the tomb once and seen how Jesus’ body had been placed. They went home and prepared spices for the body’s entombment. But when they returned with the spices, they were shocked with what they saw—rather, they were shocked with what they didn’t see! The tomb was empty!
Luke 24:36-43
Two apostles were on their way to Emmaus when Jesus joined them on the journey. Not knowing who He was, the men began to tell Him about all of the activities that had taken place that week with Jesus of Nazareth. When the men stopped for the evening, Jesus joined them. At the dinner table Jesus began to break the bread and give thanks to God; then their eyes were opened to who He was.
• Has there been a time when you were not aware that Jesus was in your presence?
• Is the resurrection just another Easter story for you, or are you too astonished at the miracle?
These two men left the table “at once” and returned to Jerusalem. It didn’t
matter that it was now dark outside. It didn’t matter that they were exhausted. They
had seen the risen Jesus and had to tell others. They went and found the disciples
and told them the news, just like the women had.
• How do you respond when you encounter Jesus?
• Do your immediately run and tell others about what you have seen like these two did?
Luke 24:44-49
God’s redemptive plan for humanity was complete. Jesus had accomplished what He came to earth to do. For the first time, the disciples finally understood what the Scriptures had been talking about. The gospel story—the story of Jesus willingly taking on the sins of all people, dying on a cross, and being raised from the dead—is told throughout the Bible. And as Jesus ascended into heaven, he left eleven disciples behind with the task of sharing the gospel with every nation.
• Can you remember the time when you confessed with your mouth that Jesus is
Lord and believed in your heart that God raised Him from the dead?
• If not, what is holding you back from doing so right now?
• If so, will you—like the women at the tomb, like the disciples, and like the two
men on the Emmaus road—go and tell others about what Jesus has done for you?