Who cares about me?

July 9, 2006
Focal Passages: Exodus 1:8-14; 2:11-15,23-25
Where Do I turn when faced with a burdensome situation beyond my control?
God knows and cares about our circumstances and is willing to rescue us from oppression and bondage.
We have just celebrated the independence of our country. Today we are going to look at some folks who were not free and what they depended on during difficult times. We are going to look at the Israelites in Egypt.
There were three Pharaohs during the end of Genesis and through the first part of Exodus.
  1. Pharaoh whose dream Joseph interpreted and who made Joseph the administrator of the food storage and distribution. He welcomed Jacob and his family to Egypt and settled them in Goshen, one of the choice parts of the land.
  2. The second Pharaoh is the one in today’s lesson. He lived in a time when the Israelites had multiplied greatly and he was afraid of their potential power. He was known as the Pharaoh of the oppression.
  3. The third Pharaoh was called the Pharaoh of the Exodus. He was the one that Moses dealt with in telling him to let God’s people go. He was the one in power when the 10 plagues fell on Egypt. He let the Israelites go and then went after them.
Why do people look down on others?
Fear, Hatred, Jealousy, Prejudice
Exodus 1:8-14
What was the basis for the oppression in these verses? (Fear and hatred)
The fear and hatred found in these verses also can be found today.
If God were to engage you in conversation about your hatred or fear of a group of people, what would you say to Him in response?
 You have none;
 I don’t like them because…
You don’t understand.
Is there bitterness in your life toward someone who oppressed you?
We need to ask God’s forgiveness for any hatred or fear they have toward another group and for any bitterness in their lives from being oppressed.
Oppression causes us to take matters into our own hands.
Exodus 2:11-15
Moses tried to take matters in his own hand and made a mess. He was the man God planned to use to help the Israelites but it was not God’s time yet.
Does God care for and notice the oppressed?
Exodus 2:23-25

There is a difference between “cry out” and “cry out to God”. We cry out all the time; “Woe is me.” But do we cry out to God?
God hears the cries of His people today just as He did in this passage.
The truth is that we want results in our time instead of God’s plan.
We need to trust in God and His ultimate plan.
There are several kinds of bondage and oppression. Yes, we have countries being oppressed by their government today. Remember though that there is spiritual bondage. Jesus gives us liberty, freedom from the bondage of sin if we will but ask.
Sometimes, we put ourselves in bondage by the choices we make. Are you making wise decisions or are you a slave to the consequences of your choices?
If we walk each day in the direction that God has planned for us, we will end up in the center of God’s will; free from the bondage of sin.