Why Me?

Why Me?
Scripture Passage: Romans 1:1-17

We are continuing our theme of "The Manger and the Mission". Paul declared that he and all Christians are called by God to share the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ. He used words like "slave" and "apostle" to describe himself. The Bible dictionary says the definition of a slave is "totally responsible to and dependent upon another person". In other words, he stated that he belonged to another who had the right to make demands on him. The word "apostle" means one who is sent by another. So like Paul, we as Christians are slaves to Christ (belong to Him, dependent upon Him) and are sent out by Him to represent Him in the world.

Paul even said he was "obligated" to share the gospel with everyone. Why?

Why him?
Why you?
Why me?

The gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe. After all that God had done for Paul, how could he not feel obligated to tell a lost world about the hope that he had. How can we as God's children not feel obligated to tell others what He has done for us?