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May 9, 2013

Mother's Day is this Sunday!!!

I wanted the Sunday school lesson to reflect the day we honor mothers. I have developed my own lesson taking bits and pieces from some I found and then adding what I have researched in a Bible Study on mothers in the Bible.

We will be using Proverbs 31-28 " Her children arise up, and call her blessed."

Ephesions 6:1-4 Paraphrase "Honor you mother and father." What does honor mean? It means you think of them a lot and show it by obeying them, trusting them, loving them. We will be doing a coloring page and playing "mother may I", as well as a small craft.

A little Bible trivia: mother is in the Bible about 300 times. See if you can match up mothers to their offspring: Eve Solomon, Rebekah, Moses, Aaron, Hannah, Esau, Jacob Jochebed, Cain, Abel, Sarah, Joseph, Benjamin, Rachel, Samuel Bathsheba, Isaac, Mary, James, John, Eunice, John the Baptist, Ruth, Jesus, Elizabeth, Obed, Salome, Timothy. Have fun!

I will have the gifts for Moms prior to Sunday school, before service, or after.

Mrs. Denise

February 3, 2013

This Sunday the Preschool's Sunday Classes will be studying Jesus choosing His helpers "Come follow me," Jesus said. Mathew chapter 4

We will be trying on some garb from the period, play follow the leader, make some fish, and catch fish on petzels. Catching fish on a Pretzel????

Ttake waffle pretzels- they are the nets, and gold fish. Make some blue frosting, scatter fish on. Try blue one if you have one. Pile of nets (pretzels) on one edge because the nets were kept on the shore. Give everyone a little frosting in a small cup and popsicle stick. Take a net add little dab of frosting, stick gold fish to net. You could make a boat out of hot dog bun like bread with mast and sail stick and paper put nets in boat.

Tell story from Bible with finger or hand movements. Go over them before story, then have everyone mimic you.

Jesus walked along the shore (two fingers walking up your arm), He watched (put your hand to your brow look around), the boats at sea ( touch the fingers of both hands together to form a triangle boat then rock it like it was at sea). He loved (put hands over heart) the busy fishermen. (pretend you are casting net or using fishing pole). He called (cup hands around mouth) "come follow me" (wave toward yourself with your hands).

Tell story twice so next time they get the hand gestures better. Sing this song to the tune of London Bridges.


Mrs. Denise

January 27, 2013

We will be studying the Widow's Mite from Mark 12:41-44.

We will be sorting coins, doing coin rubbings, and making a coin card to go home to help us remember our Bible verse... People Give Money To Church. I also have a coloring sheet with the widow dropping her coins in offering box.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday!      Mrs. Denise


Verse Pennant

An excellent Bible craft kids can use to remember their favorite verse from the Bible.

Games That Teach Bible Skills

Books of Law Crossword Puzzle

Books of Law Seek A Word


Acts 2

Coming of the Holy Spirit Craft

Twirler Craft

  • Create a twirler craft to symbolize the presence of the Holy Spirit as wind. The finished craft, when suspended from the ceiling, will twist and twirl in the slightest breeze. Use a 6 inch diameter or larger craft foam circle to make each twirler. Make a 1-inch cut into the foam to begin the process of turning the solid foam circle into a twirler. Continue cutting around the interior of the foam circle, forming a long 1-inch strip, to create a spiral. Decorate the spiral with glittery stickers. Tie yarn to the top of the spiral and hang it from the ceiling as a reminder of the Holy Spirit's arrival from heaven in Acts 2.

Big Fish spitting out Jonah instructions

Big Fish spitting Jonah out...class demo

Jonah's Big Fish - Preschool Craft

December Crafts

submitted by Denise Johnston

The Nativity (Instructions) - Puppet Style

Nativity Background - Puppets

Mary & Joseph - Puppets

Baby Jesus & Camels - Puppets

Shepherd & Sheep - Puppets

One Wise Man & One Camel - Puppets

Two Wise Men - Puppets

Sheep and Palm Tree - Puppets


Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
Statue Bowling Game

The impetus for the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego's triumph of faith is the king's command to worship his idol and their refusal to compromise their faith. Kids can demonstrate their own loyalty to God by making an idol bowling game. Glue pictures of idols to strips of cardboard and bend the bottom edge out so it will stand up. Set them up in a row or like bowling pins. The goal is to knock down as many idols as possible by throwing bean bags or rolling small balls at them. As the idols fall, the kids yell, "We serve only the Lord our God!"

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Activities

Make “No Fire” no bake cookies.

Combine 2 C. Rice Krispies, 1 1/2 c. powdered sugar 1/4
tsp. vanilla extract and 1 18 oz. jar of peanut butter. Blend until it forms a dough. Roll into
balls and enjoy!

Another food idea is to place a small marshmallow in a square graham cracker. Add chocolate
syrup and 4 cinnamon candies to represent the 4 people in the fire.

Make orange and red Jell-O Jigglers as the “fire” for snack. (The recipe is on the back of the package.) Spray whipped cream on the Jell-O to “put out the flames.” The kids will LOVE

Act out the story. Bring a fan and tape red, yellow or orange crepe streamers on it. Turn it on
to simulate “fire” when the men get in the furnace. Let the kids help the sound effect of a sizzling fire by hissing with their mouths or waving aluminum foil.

Bring Red Jelly Beans, Hot Tamales or other red snack to remind the kids of the “flames.”

David vs. Goliath Marbles

Kids use marbles to take down Goliath in this activity. Using masking tape, the instructor creates a large square on a smooth floor and marks a small "X" in the center of the square. The instructor uses a permanent marker to write "G" on a large marble/stone and places the marble/stone on the "X" in the center of the square. Kids sit at the edge of the square and take turns sliding marbles/stones toward the "G" marble; kids who knock "Goliath" off the "X" defeat the giant. As a variation, kids compete to see who takes the fewest number of tries to knock "Goliath" down.

Make a David and Goliath Beanbag Toss Game

Cut a sheet of butcher paper about nine feet long, or tape several smaller sheets together.

Draw a simple picture of Goliath that takes up the whole paper. You may want to enlarge a coloring page picture of Goliath using a photocopier, then cut it out and tape it to the paper.

Spread the Goliath game out on the floor. Tape the edges of the paper to the floor, or secure the corners with small weights.

Have the children line up in front of Goliath’s feet and give them the beanbags. Use five beanbags, to match the five stones David had.

Have the kids toss the “stone” beanbags at Goliath’s forehead and see how close they can get.

David and Goliath Puppets

Instruct each child to bring in a toilet paper tube and a paper towel tube, but have a stash of extras just in case. Set out markers, crayons, glue, glitter, crepe paper and other craft supplies. Instruct the children to draw a picture of Goliath on the paper towel tube and a picture of David on the toilet paper tube. For smaller children, pre-glue coloring book images of David and Goliath onto the tubes. For added fun, allow children to try to knock over each others' Goliaths with small "rocks" made of crumpled paper.

David and Goliath

How Big is the Giant?
To get an idea of how big Goliath was in comparison to David, use a
tape measure to measure out 9’ 9” in the center of the room. Mark
off the size using masking tape.

Have each child lay on the floor next to the measurements with
their feet at the line where you began your “Goliath” measurement.
Mark the child’s height using a piece of masking tape. Write the
child’s name on the piece of masking tape.

Have all of the children mark their height and then as a class
compare their height with Goliath’s height.


The preschool will not be studying the same material as the school age. They will be learning about prayer and thanking God.  Nov 4 - Jesus taught about prayer.  Mathew 4:23-25.  I think I will be making binoculars or Godnoculars so we can look all around for things that God has provided for us. Hopefully we can go for walk outside as Jesus was outside for this passage. I am planning on having head scarves for all to wear and maybe robes for our walk. I would like them to be able to dress like they did during Jesus lifetime on earth. 


How to make a prayer cube

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