How Can I Be Different?

How Can I Be Different?
Focal Passages: Ephesians 4:29-32; 5:1-5,15-21
Life Question: How should my life be different?
Biblical Truth: By imitating the example of Jesus, we can live holy lives that bring glory to God.


What is the purpose of a mirror? 
As Christians, who are we to reflect? 
How well do you reflect God to others?


If your every word were recorded today and broadcast on TV, how comfortable would you be with the world hearing everything you said? What kind of speech do you use when you are alone and someone or something makes you really angry?  How does your speech reflect Jesus?

We discussed that if we put on the three characteristics of God in Eph 4:32, it will take care of  the six evils in vs. 31.

If we are kind one to another
and forgiving of one another THEN

we will be able to put away
evil speaking
all malice

As a society it is obvious that we are growing more tolerant of bad language, bad TV, bad music but what about you personally, are you more tolerant than you should be? Do you accept an inappropriate behavior or attitude in order to gain acceptance in a group?

What does it mean to imitate someone or something?
In Ephesians chapter 5:1, it tells us how to deal with an unholy world. We are to be imitators of God.
Who or what are you imitating?

Are goodness, righteousness, and truth evident in your life?


Paul urged the Ephesians to be wise with their time and in how they lived. Why? Because the days are evil. Therefore so should we.


Are we living lives that reflects Christ to others?

How does living a holy life affect the decisions you make?

How will others see that your life is different because of what God has done?