Why does life really matter?

Whose Life Matters?

Matthew 9:18-31, 36-38

Why does life really matter?


Quote: We Americans like to pretend that if we do not recognize something, it does not exist. If we hide our eyes where we cannot see it, it is not real. We insulate ourselves. James T Draper


Sanctity of Human Life – What does this mean?  It means to consider human life sacred or holy; to have a passionate desire to defend life (especially in a culture that grows increasingly intolerant toward those who hold positions that honor life).


We discussed some things in our society that devalues human life.


Matthew 9:18-19, 23-26

Jesus raised a young girl from the dead. He did not ignore the girl because she was young nor did He wait to take into account what she had accomplished to see if she was important enough to save. Jesus had compassion and restored her life.


Today Christians have the opportunity to guard the life of both the born and unborn children.


Other scriptures regarding life in & out of the womb – Luke 1:15, 44 2:16

Humans are made in God’s image - Gen.1:26-27 

God has a special purpose & design - Ps. 139:13-16; Is. 49:1; Jer. 1:5


Like Jesus, we have to see the need first before we can take action to make a difference. How can Christians help the young (born and unborn) children?


Matthew 9:20-22

A woman who had hemorrhaged for 12 years made her way to Christ so that He could heal her. She just wanted to touch the hem (tassel) on His garment. She had been to doctors and spent all she had on trying to find someone or something to help her.


Not only had her disorder caused her physical problems but it had also made her ceremonially unclean according to the Jewish law. She couldn’t go to the synagogue. She was not supposed to touch anyone or she would make them unclean. Her lack of health affected her physically, spiritually, and socially.


Jesus commended her faith and made her well. He had compassion and met a need.


Do you value your health? Do your actions show that you value your health? Are you doing any of the following to improve your health?


Eating more healthy


Regular check ups

Refraining from alcohol and drugs

Losing weight


Choose healthy lifestyle habits that will allow you to keep good health.


Matthew 9:27-31

Soon after Jesus left the religious leader’s daughter fully alive, He encountered two blind men who followed Him along shouting for mercy. Jesus went into a house and permitted the blind men to enter. Jesus turned their minds from the worldly thinking of Messiah come to set up an earthly kingdom to His divine power by asking if they believed He could heal them. They longed to be whole and said yes.


Jesus cared about those who were not whole in body, mind, or spirit.


Matthew 9:36-38

Jesus saw and felt. First He saw the needs of the people. That’s not enough. He felt compassion on them. Jesus saw the people as sheep without a shepherd.


Jesus also noticed that the harvest was abundant but the workers were few. There are not nearly as many people showing compassion and working to meet the needs as there are those who have the needs.


Jesus was involved in meeting the needs of people around Him. Are we?


Connecting to Life

Sanctity of human life is more than fighting abortion. There is a need to protect children from abortion, abuse, neglect, and hunger. There is the need to guard our own health and help others do the same. There is the need to help those who struggle with handicaps.


There is the need to get involved; the workers are few. What can you do to place more value on human life?